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Success Story

MOGI Improved Wheel Hoe:

Interculture operation plays important role in crop production process. It includes weeding, soil loosening, earthing up. Weeding in row crops is generally carried out by hand weeding. Varies hand tools like spade, khurapi are used by farm women. For weeding, the farm women has to sit squatic position. This generally produces drudgery leading backache. Along with drudgery, the field capacity is very low. It requires more labours and time. Untimely weeding harms crop growth.

To overcome the situation, many research centers have designed and developed wheel hoes. Considering the usefulness of wheel hoes, KVK, Nandurbar brought these wheel hoes and tested on farmers field. Feedback from farmers was collected .After analysis of these feedbacks, need for refinements was identified. After progressive refinements and their testing on farmers fields , an improved wheel hoe was developed by KVK,Nandurbar. Some additional attachments for additional utility were also designed and developed .It was nomenclature as ‘ MOGi’ in the name of Goddess of farmers.

Before large scale propagation, it was thought that MOGI should be scientifically tested for its efficient working at reputed institute. Then it was handed over to AICRP on Farm Implements and Machinery, MPKV ,Rahuri for testing programme. As per the Product Testing Report of MPKV, Rahuri, Mogi – Improved Wheel Hoe found quite efficient and superior under various testing components. The weeding efficiency and field capacity was found 82.58 % and 0.036 ha/h respectively.

Then efforts for large scale propagation were geared up. Mogi was exhibited at various Agricultural exhibitions. Method demonstrations were carried. A popular article on Mogi was highlighted in daily Agro One.

Nowadays , farmers from 23 districts are using Mogi Improved wheel hoe . They are enjoying the with Mogi Improved wheel hoe.

It found most useful in light to medium soils for almost all row crops